I’ve been noticing them a lot lately.

Ever see a movie with a depiction of what future interfaces might look like? They’re either incredibly simple to the point where nothing makes sense anymore, or they’re so complex, extensive training would be required to know how to use it.

A lot of times, for art purposes, something that looks complicated just gets splashed up on a screen as an interface because it seems that complexity is one way we identify with the future.

I sometimes wish the interfaces I have to interact with daily were different. My hands are capable of so much more than typing, clicking, or touching a screen. They twist things, bend things, fold paper, make crafts, can do sign-language, and many other complicated movements. What would an interface look like, I wonder, that utilized these movements? It would require something other than a flat screen to interact with, I think.

Perhaps something like this 3D Interface you can build yourself?

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