Read a Book: The Grand Tour


I’m done reading The Grand Tour by Patricia Wrede. This is book 3 for the year in my reading plan to read two books per month. One more to go before the end of February. Yikes! I better get crackin’.

I’m sorry to say that my original excitement about Patricia Wrede as a writer is beginning to wane. Her Frontier Magic series was amazing and I gobbled it up. But her Lyra series and her Regency Magic with Caroline Stevermer are not quite as captivating.

That being said, my friend and I were inspired by the first Regency Magic book, The Magic Chocolate Pot, to begin our own letter writing game. The rules are similar to Patricia and Caroline’s: Each person writes to the other impersonating a fictional character and they don’t discuss the plot in advance. I think it’s a great idea to help practice creativity and just have fun.

My next book is going to be Eragon, by Christopher Paolini. I’ve heard mixed things about Paolini’s books, everything from “he has such original ideas and it’s great writing!” to “the mechanics don’t make sense and it’s terrible writing.” to “he was a homeschooler who got lucky because his parents owned a publishing business. Otherwise he would never have gotten published.”

I decided that I have to find out for myself, since the above are from people I know and trust. Here’s hoping I can finish it in eight days!


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