I’m in a contest!

If you haven’t heard of Miss Snark’s First Victim’s blog, then you need to go check her out Right. Now. She holds contests for writers that sometimes help them get published. I was randomly selected out of who knows how many entries to participate and the first 250 words of my novel will be critiqued by her blog readers along with 49 other participants.

I’m so excited! I didn’t really expect to get in considering that there are probably thousands of people who read her blog. But the number crunching robot picked my entry at random, and now I get to have the first 250 words critiqued on her blog! By other people I don’t even know! Possibly by agents posing as regular commenters! And of course, there’s the biggest of them all, the Secret Agent who will be choosing someone to request a full manuscript from!

Thank you, Number Muncher. You were the most fun didactic hero of my childhood besides Carmen San Diego and Mavis Bacon. I like to think that in some way, you played a part in getting my number chosen.

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