Got ideas for cool Steampunk elements?


I’m sitting down to write the sequel to my Steampunk novel. The excitement of starting with a blank page is one of my favorite parts of beginning a new story. Anything can happen.

As I’m dreaming up a plot, I thought I’d get some input from my blog readers:

What would you like to see in a Steampunk story? I’m looking for the following suggestions:

  • A number of small, crazy cool gadgety devices
  • A large, complicated end-game device
  • Names for such devices
  • Situational Steampunk happenings (Would you like to see a rhinoceros bore into a stampeding herd of mechanical soldiers? Or how about a fencing duel on a ferris wheel? Or maybe two tinkers invent the same device at the same time and quarrel over copyright?)
  • Character changes (Would you like to see a villain transform into a repentant hero? Or perhaps the main character learns humility, or steadfastness?)
  • Unique character tics (A person who steels tea bags from where ever they go, a character who can’t stop biting his/her nails, etc.)

Let your imagination fly! You can show-off your inventiveness in the comments below, or email me at smilerjg (at) gmail (dot) com.

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