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I’ve debated with myself about what I want this blog to be for a long time now. I’m sure you’ve noticed the waffling back and forth between geeky posts, personal posts, writing posts, and totally random subjects that almost pulled the entire blog into the realm of “not a niche blog”.

But it recently dawned on me: I want to write about writing.

I used to think that was a bad idea. It was too meta, too cliche. I didn’t want to be one of those people that writes about writing and makes money off it, but doesn’t actually ever write anything else. So I’ve tried to keep a cap on it and shush my inner writing-geek.

During the last 6 years I’ve consumed tons of blog posts and scoured forums for any information about writing. I just love to hear others talk about writing because it bolsters my writer’s soul. There are many times when I’ll start listening to a podcast and within minutes I’ve abandoned it because I suddenly feel compelled to write.

Yes, it’s meta. Yes, it can end up sounding self-indulgent. But at the end of the day, there are writers out there who need to hear about writing stuff. Conversations with others about writing have been some of the most fulfilling interactions I’ve ever had.

So I hope to make this blog a space where writers can come and be inspired. I don’t want it to be a writing advice blog. When writers are feeling the weight of writer’s block, or know they should get to it instead of going on Facebook, I want to provide a blog where they can come and just start reading about their craft. This is a place to come when you are feeling lazy and your brain doesn’t want to work but you still want to feel like you made some kind of progress in developing your craft.

I am not published. I used to hate writing blogs that were written by people who had never been published because I thought they were just trying to build their platform and be a good little social media junkie. (And there are some out there who scrape the bottom of the barrel to eek out blog posts about subject matter they don’t know a whole lot about, but there are also good ones out there.)

That is why I don’t want this to be an advice blog. I may point you in the direction of other blogs who have good advice. I might suggest things to look into. But I don’t want to ever say “Write your query this way” unless I’ve actually submitted a query that’s gotten me a publishing contract.

Too long didn’t read: Basically, it’s time I got geeky about writing. Enthusiasm shared here for your inspiration.

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