Remember Good Things

Hi friends.

Spring and summer are coming and leaving at the same time, getting tangled up in each other! One day it’s almost 80ºF, the next it’s rainy and dropped to 37ºF. But my favorite thing about this time of year is the tree in our front yard.

I’m not even sure what kind of Maple it is, but it has these gorgeous dark red leaves. Before the buds break open, they look like flowers. And when they finally do open up, the tiny leaves unfolding look like butterfly wings fresh out of cocoons, wet and wrinkled, hanging out and waiting to dry.

In the evening, right when I usually cook dinner, the sun shines into our kitchen and I can see it shining through the leaves, making them turn bright burgundy and it takes my breath away every time. It’s not because I’m surprised to see it. The tree is always there. It’s because I tend to forget what that moment is like. Experiencing it is different than remembering the moment.

Burgundy Leaves

I recently had that experience with my own writing. I just finished editing the final pass of Memory Aether (woohoo!), and I was surprised. I had forgotten what reading the ending was like. Even though I’ve read it over and over again countless times, there it was again, as satisfying to me as ever.

It is so easy to forget the good things we experience. Can you try something with me to help mitigate this? Post a comment below about some good moment or experience you had this past month. Something that you want to remember the next time I post to this blog. I’ll remind you. Then we can all take a bit of time to appreciate what our memories sometimes hide from us.

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