I propose a fake commute

meritt-thomas-3hiANqMulMY-unsplashDear Readers,

Isolation means not actually spending lots of time at my desk, calmly looking through my imagination scope at the world, with a mug contentedly nestled between my hands that are mostly covered in a chunky knit sweater.

I wish it was more like that.

Instead, I find myself often drinking leftover cold tea from the day before while I rush to keep the kids from destroying yet another household item, in between managing work and anxiety.

So for the sake of my sanity, I am implementing The False Commute! Because I need some alone time gosh dang it.

At 8:15am every morning, I’m going to commit to going somewhere by myself, whether that’s a tiny corner in the basement or actually going to sit in my car, for fifteen minutes. I may not get the full fifteen, or even five. But if I don’t try, it will never happen. And I will write micro thoughts from that place of solitude, in the hopes of bundling them up neatly for your reading pleasure in next month’s newsletter/blog post.

If you also need some solitude or structure in your daily life, feel free to join me. Comment, email, or message me the start time of your Fake Commute, and anything else that goes with it.

Let’s do some solidarity solitude.

Stay safe and sane, friends. Thanks for reading!

Reesha Rugroden

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